News Reporting

From city council meetings and airplane crashes to covering visits by Billy Graham, Pope John Paul II and Mother Theresa, Lori is experienced in all facets of deadline writing.

Feature Writing

An award-winning storyteller, Lori has been recognized for her deft ability to engage readers as they journey through the life and experiences of the people and ministries she’s profiling.

Content Editing

The story has been assigned for months and when it finally arrives, it has more holes than a cypress befriended by a woodpecker. Don’t panic. Lori specializes in making mediocre writing sing.

Press Release

Writing the press release is only half of the task. Getting editors to notice takes a special flare. Why not use the experienced eye and hand of an editor who has waded through thousands of press releases?


Solid research is often the most overlooked aspect of non-fiction writing. From public policy and legislation to historical data, Lori can help navigate background information for your next project.

Writing Coach

As a feature, news and managing editor, Lori has coached dozens of interns, freelancers and staff reporters, helping each of them to hone their own skills as journalists and narrators.
Writing and editing for your needs

Whether writing news or feature stories, or even ministry profiles for newsletters, my customized service begins not with the pen, but with the eyes and ears. The underpinning of a good writer is the power of observation, of listening to a person’s journey and crafting it into a flow that reflects the heart of compelling storytelling. I then augment those God-given skills with thorough research and thought-provoking questions.

Below are some samples of my work. If you would like to see other styles of writing, please let me know.

Born Dead | Baby defies odds after traumatic deliver

Heather Hoffman was just hours from delivering her fourth child. She was nesting at home. Her husband Neil was doing some other ...

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Bum rap | Encounter with Jesus transforms homeless man

By the time Rufus Hannah was sprinting face first into stacked milk crates for $5 in beer money at the hands of ...

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No room at the inn | Victim of homeless killing spree couldn’t get apartment

Jimmy Middaugh did not hear his mother’s tap because he was miles away sleeping under a freeway ...

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Churches provide millions in cash, volunteer hours for fire relief

San Diego County Protestant churches and para-church organizations have contributed more than ...

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Deadline-sensitive editing and writing services

Lori Arnold offers writing and editing services focused on quality and personalized service.

On the lighter side...

It’s a wonderful life

Being a journalist affords writers some wonderful opportunities. Beyond that, life in general, has its perks, too. Over the years I have been blessed to have:

•  Dined with publisher and commentator William F. Buckley Jr.

•  Married, Eugene, the love of my life more than 30 years ago.

•  Had the distinction of covering Pope John Paul II, Mother Theresa and Billy Graham during their visits to Southern California.

•  Trudged through the slums of Jamaica with a food relief agency.

•  Covered the Temecula Balloon Festival from a hot air balloon.

•  Spent the day with the Newsboys while they helped build a home in Baja California.

•  Reported on disaster relief on the shores of southern India after the deadly 2005 tsunami.

•  Received an autographed baseball from Garth Brooks while he played spring training baseball for the San Diego Padres.

•  Served as the first Miss Oktoberfest for La Mesa’s annual Bavarian celebration.

•  Given a multi-day ride along with the La Mesa Fire Department.

•  “Endured” a travel assignment to San Felipe, Mexico.

About StoryLori

I wanted to be an accountant. Yes, the girl who thinks balancing a checkbook means trying to walk with it on your head, wanted to devote her life to numbers. Then came the reality of college. Despite hitting the books like a major league slugger, I managed to whiff out in the grade department. After whining to a friend about the injustice of it all, he asked a simple question: You love to write, why don’t you be a journalist?

He was on to something. After earning my bachelor’s degree in journalism, I spent the next 16 years covering community journalism with the Daily Californian in El Cajon, first as a reporter, community, and features editor and eventually the News Editor. After the paper was bought out, I went to work as Managing Editor (and primary writer) for the Christian Examiner newspaper and its successor Refreshed magazine. In addition to putting my storytelling skills to work, I was honored along the way by numerous organizations, including the Evangelical Press Association, the Religion Newswriters Association, Fellowship of Christian Newspapers, California Newspaper Publishers Association, Society of Professional Journalists, California School Board Association and San Diego Press Club.

Turns out, I’m much stronger with letters than numbers.

StoryLori Blog

Slices of life — musings on faith, culture and everything in between.

  • Not only did Lori grasp exactly what I was trying to accomplish with my book, but as editor she made invaluable suggestions throughout, provided examples of contemporary material that added to the content, corrected my many structural writing issues, challenged me when my reasoning was weak, and more importantly provided an entirely new front end structure to the book to better capture my audience and present the ideas I was trying to communicate.

    Frank Kacer
    Author of "Christian Fratricide"
  • As editor of the Christian Examiner, Lori Arnold was a great a source of encouragement to me and a wonderful coach. Lori's journalism knowledge and skills amazed me. She could write up just about anything at what seemed to me like lightning speed. She knew the ropes!

    Sue Sailhamer
    Freelance Writer
  • Lori is our 'go to' writer for quick turn-around, dedication to detail and writing finesse! Whether we are looking for original work or copy-editing, we have found her indispensable when looking for stories that resonate with readers.

    Dwight Widaman
    Editor, Kansas City Metro Voice
  • WOW! This is how an interview, or series of interviews, should be told. Kudos to Ms. Arnold. — Winning entry for 2011 Best Interview Article

    EPA Higher Goals Award
  • As a lead pastor, one of my responsibilities was to write a weekly blog post. Some weeks were more challenging than others and I was not always able to get the blog written on time. Lori came to my rescue! Not only was she able to write the blog off the cuff, she wrote with creative energy and substance!

    Pastor Mark
    Former Pastor of Narratives Church